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Studying in Saudi Arabia: Is studying in Saudi Arabia beneficial or not?

March 31, 2021

Saudi Arabia is home to many modern universities, so many international students from the Arab region turn to them to develop their studies in it compared to other Arab countries. Studying in Saudi Arabia provides many services to its students as it is developing rapidly and continuously.

Reasons to make you think of studying in Saudi Arabia

Universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia provide a high level of education, including full and partial scholarships and education at students’ expense. It also allows studying for resident students and visitors. The following are the most important reasons that make you consider studying in Saudi Arabia and convince you that Saudi Arabia is a good destination for international students from all over the world.


The rapid growth of Saudi universities

Saudi Arabia has sought to be a leader in knowledge and education, by increasing government spending on higher education. Indeed, the Saudi government has taken some active steps to strengthen its university and the field of scientific research.


Ease of travel in Saudi Arabia

Living in Saudi Arabia provides many advantages and their enjoyment, the ease of travel, as a small distance from the Red Sea by car you can visit Dubai or Amman, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located near the most important tourist destinations in the world.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a large and diverse international community

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allows studying for international students from all over the world, which allows you to deal with different cultures of the peoples of the world, and even if you decide to work in Saudi Arabia, it will be easy to deal with specialists because they also have local and non-local.


Saving Money

Many universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are keen to attract international students by offering financial incentives and various scholarships, in addition to that, living in Saudi Arabia is suitable to a large extent compared to other countries, which reduces your expenses there.


The Opportunity to Stay and Work in Saudi Arabia After Studying

The Saudi government has provided many job opportunities for international students in various fields. With the development of the economy in Saudi Arabia, the market has become in need of a workforce more than it gives students who studied in Saudi Arabia priority to stay and work. Among the fields in which workers are currently in need in the Saudi market (oil, information technology, health care, banking, teaching, communications, and the construction industry.


Enhance your CV with valuable international experience

If you decide to return to your country after completing the study and obtaining the certificate, then the experience of studying abroad in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will help you get a global view on a large scale and within your field, which gives added value to your CV.


How to Apply to Study in Saudi Arabia

The requirements to study in Saudi Arabia vary according to the institution, but in general, you will be required to submit the following documents:

1- Proof of previous academic qualifications and cycles.

2- Evidence of English language proficiency via TOFEL and IELTS

3- Proof of proficiency in the Arabic language (if you are applying from a non-Arab country)

4- Official definition

5- A copy of your passport.

Student visa to study in Saudi Arabia

Regardless of your identity and where you are from, if you want to study in Saudi Arabia, you need a prior visa before being allowed to enter the country. Usually, the documents required of foreign students are as follows:

1- A confirmed place in the degree program at a recognized Saudi university.

2- Your original birth certificate.

3- A medical certificate proving your good health from a licensed doctor.

4- Proof of payment of all relevant visa fees.

5- Police report on your criminal history.

6- Approval of travel from your government.


Please note these conditions for student visa holders, student visa holders will not be allowed to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and if you want to work in Saudi Arabia, it will be after completing the study and obtaining the certificate.

The validity of your visa may cause some confusion, as the dates are written in the lunar months in Saudi Arabia instead of the calendar used in the Western world, which means that the validity of your visa may expire within two days before the expected. So focus on expiration date calculations to avoid over-stay penalties.


Study Costs in Saudi Arabia

Each university determines its own tuition fees individually, which means that prices vary greatly from one university to another, on the other hand, universities in Saudi Arabia seek to recruit international students, which makes them offer many incentives, scholarships, and funding assistance. For example, at King Fahd University, a monthly salary is provided for all exceptional master’s students to obtain a research assistant. This salary covers their entire living for time spent working in teaching and research.

As for those who do not receive a grant or material aid, they must prepare an average of 6000 US dollars for the Bachelor’s program and much more to obtain a master’s degree.

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