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Jouf University

Jouf University

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  • Jouf, Saudi Arabia
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Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is developed and advanced compared to other Arab countries. Saudi Arabia has been interested in providing public and private universities in most of its governorates, such as universities in Jawf and universities in Jeddah, Riyadh and other governorates. Saudi Arabia is keen to provide universities with advanced curricula that compete with advanced Western countries in education.

Universities in Jouf (Al Jouf University)

We will talk in particular about the universities in Jouf, or be more honest, Al-Jouf University, where the separate colleges joined to follow the University of Al-Jouf such as the Sakaka Community College, which was originally a girls' college run by the Ministry of Education separately from the university. Until officially, in partnership with Al-Jouf University, in April 2007, a royal decree was issued for all community colleges in the Kingdom to join the major universities.

Education has progressed significantly in Al-Jouf, especially universities in Jouf. For the first time since the establishment of the university, the university entered the international rankings, as it ranked among the 701 to 750 globally, and Al-Jouf University is considered the 24th in the Arab world and the 7th in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This statistic indicates that universities in Saudi Arabia generally are working to develop their educational curricula to compete with universities globally, and this progress we are proud of.

Al-Jouf University Colleges

Al-Jouf University offers many diverse colleges with the best educational curricula. In the field of science and medicine, it includes the following colleges (College of Pharmacy - College of Science - College of Applied Natural Sciences - College of Medicine - College of Applied Medical Sciences, Al-Qurayyat headquarters). As for the field of engineering and computer science, it includes (Faculty of Engineering -

College of Computer and Information Sciences). It includes other colleges such as the College of Education, Arts, Law, and others.

Why study in Al-Jawf?

The Ministry of Education strives for the permanent development of students, whether at the school or university levels. It has developed plans to invest their summer vacations for students through their participation in educational activities to develop their skills and hobbies. Many and varied activities aimed at improving skills and urging cooperation in the community were established, such as (Imagine - Our Environment is Green - Imagine - Our Neighborhood Square) and other purposeful activities. Applying for Al-Jouf University is very easy that it is done electronically through the portal of Al-Jouf University, and here are the conditions for applying:

Terms & conditions for applying to Al Jouf University 

Admission requirements


Is the submission paper or electronic?

The application is completely electronic, and there is no need to receive any documents from the applicant, except in special cases, to communicate with them · Bring the original documents; For example a non-Saudi student online for scholarships at the link.

Is there an application for admission in the second semester?

Annual admission to Al-Jouf University for the first semester through the electronic portal.

Are holders of a high school diploma from outside the Kingdom required to take the National Center for Measurement tests?

All applicants to Al-Jouf University, whether they hold a general secondary certificate from Saudi Arabia or from abroad, must pass the National Center for Measurement tests.