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University of Bisha

University of Bisha

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Bisha, also known as Qalat Bishah, is a town in Saudi Arabia's 'Asir' province in the southwest. Before merging with its adjacent province, 'Asir, Bisha was its own province. According to the 2010 Census, Bisha has a population of 205,346 people, dispersed throughout roughly 240 villages and 58 bigger communities on both sides of the Bisha Valley (the longest valley in the Arabian Peninsula). The city is located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, which is virtually exclusively administered by the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. It is located at a height of around 610 metres (2,000 feet) above sea level.

Why Study in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has taken aggressive strides in the last decade or so to upgrade its universities and research facilities in order to become a major knowledge economy, with government funding on higher education steadily increasing. Saudi Arabia is fast becoming a key centre for higher education, particularly in STEM subjects.

Many Saudi Arabian colleges already have a considerable number of international students enrolled, as well as catering to the country's many expat families. Many colleges provide considerable scholarships (in some cases, entire tuition exemptions) to international students, and the majority of courses are taught in English. You will have the opportunity to make friends with both locals and international students if you study in Saudi Arabia. If you decide to work in Saudi Arabia after completing your studies, you will almost certainly meet young professionals from various cultural origins.


Several Saudi Arabian institutions are eager to attract international students and provide a variety of funding incentives and scholarships as part of their efforts to become more international. In addition, Saudi Arabia boasts a low cost of living compared to many other countries throughout the world.

Universities in Bisha

University of Bisha

University of Bisha is a non-profit public higher-education school in Bisha, Asir, that was founded in 2014. University of Bisha (UB) is a coeducational Saudi Arabian higher education institution that is officially recognised by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education. The University of Bisha (UB) offers courses and programmes that lead to officially recognised higher education degrees, including bachelor's degrees, in a variety of fields. Students can also take advantage of UB's academic and non-academic facilities and services, including as a library, online courses, and distance learning options, as well as administrative services.

In addition to the College of Medicine and Engineering, Bisha University has 16 faculties, including the Colleges of Sciences and Arts, the Community College, the College of Applied Medical Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Science, the College of Arts, the College of Business, and the College of Science and Home Economics.

The history of higher education in Bisha dates back to the establishment of the Institute of Teachers, which later evolved into a college for teachers, and then this college evolved into the foundation for the establishment of the King Khalid University branch in Bisha, which began as a college for teachers, and a decision was issued by the Ministère de l'Education.

The Teachers College was then merged with the Ministry of Higher Education, and then with King Khalid University, and in 1424 AH, the Ministry of Higher Education issued a decision to establish a college society in Bisha to offer academic diplomas in some disciplines, and in 1428 AH, a decision was issued to establish the College of Sciences and Arts, which includes a group of departments, and in 1428 AH, a decision was issued to establish the College of Sciences and Arts, which includes a group of departments During the same year, he began his schooling at King Khalid University in Abha.

In 1431 AH, an administration that supervises the colleges for boys and girls in Bisha, Balqarn, and Tathleeth established a branch of King Khalid University in the province of Bisha. Girls in Bisha, boosting the total number of faculties at the King Khalid University branch to (13) colleges as a result of this choice. This institution, known as the University of Bisha, is made up of colleges from the provinces of Bisha, Balqarn, Al-Namas, and Tathleeth.

University of Bisha Specialties

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Where is Bisha located?

The city is located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, which is virtually exclusively administered by the Saudi Arabian Kingdom.

How far is Bisha from Jeddah?

Route 15 takes 5 hours 54 minutes (488.6 kilometers) while Route 5 takes 7 hours 1 minute (565.0 kilometers).

How many universities are in Bisha?

Bisha region includes one university, the University of Bisha, and within the university there are fifteen faculties vary between scientific and literary disciplines.

Is there housing at Bisha University?

Unfortunately, the campus does not have housing for the students, so expatriate students have to rent apartments outside the campus.