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Northern Border University

Northern Border University

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  • Arar, Saudi Arabia
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Education in Saudi Universities

Saudi universities receive many students and their services are not just for the Saudi citizen only but extend to many non-Saudi citizens living in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia's education system attracts many researchers around the world to take advantage of the educational capabilities in the Kingdom. Universities in Saudi Arabia also offer bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.

Arar is a city in Saudi Arabia, located in the northern border region of the Kingdom, about 1100 km away from Riyadh and about 390 km from the Jordanian border. Arar is the commercial hub of the northern border region, which includes Rafha and Turaif. Arar has an area of ​​35 thousand km and a population of about 110 thousand people.

Weather in Arar

Arar city has a desert climate. Summer is hot and dry, while winter is cold. Where the temperature in summer reaches 46 degrees Celsius, and in winter it drops to less than 5 degrees Celsius.

Education and scientific research in Arar

Many educational institutions are located throughout Arar city, from north to south. It has many primary, intermediate, and secondary schools in addition to university education institutions, the most important of which is the Northern Border University.

Northern Border University

Northern Border University is a Saudi public university with its headquarters in Arar, in addition to some colleges located in the cities of Rafha and Turaif. The campus has over 3 million square meters and includes many educational, sports, buildings, and activities.

There is student housing for males and another one for females, to save time and effort in traveling to and from the university. It also allows male and female students to devote themselves to study, increasing their ability to succeed each year.

The campus area is more than three million square meters and includes a variety of educational, sports, and recreational activities, as well as the administrative buildings of the various deanships, and several commercial centers designed specifically to serve and meet the needs of students and faculty staff.

Northern Border University for Non-Saudis

Northern Border University offers a scholarship program for non-Saudi students who excel academically, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, to help them obtain a distinguished education that prepares them for the labor market.

Lifestyle in Arar

Arar is one of the most important tourist cities in Saudi Arabia, thanks to its fertile land and vast green spaces. It is also distinguished by its transformation into a white mass covered with snow in the winter. Many recreational and tourist activities are held in Arar, such as summer festivals, cultural seminars. There are also many museums in the city that represent the authentic Saudi heritage.

The city has many beautiful parks and gardens, as well as many of the best shopping malls that offer the best prices that suit all classes and levels, including the heritage market, Arar Mall, and Valley Mall.

As we mentioned before, Arar is the administrative capital of the northern region, so there are many commercial activities and projects in the city, in addition to the construction of a road network linking the city with neighboring cities, the most important of which is the Arar-Riyadh road, which has a length of 1150 km; Arar Makkah Road, which is 1,400 km long, and Arar Al-Qassim Road, which is 777 km long.

Healthcare in Arar

Many hospitals and health centers have been established in Arar, such as Arar Central Hospital, Prince Abdulaziz Hospital, Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Center, Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Hospital, Medical Rehabilitation Hospital, and many health centers directly supervised by the Ministry of Health.

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Where is Arar located from Tabuk?

Tabuk has located 630 km from Arar, which is approximately 6 hours of travel.

What is the distance between Arar and Dammam?

The distance between Arar and Dammam is 1040 kilometers and takes 9 hours and 50 minutes.

Is Saudi Arabia a good place to live?

Yes, Saudi Arabia has a lower cost of living than many other Middle Eastern destinations.