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Al Baha University

Al Baha University

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  • Al Bahah, Saudi Arabia
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Al Bahah is a city in western Saudi Arabia, in the Hejazi region. It is the capital of the Al Bahah Region and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Kingdom. It is bordered by over forty forests, including Raghdan, Al-Zaraeb, and Baidan, and has a good temperature. Al Baha is the administrative center for the Governor, local councils, and government ministries. The city of Al Baha, which receives special attention from the state, is rich in educational, tourist, and health facilities. It is the capital of the Ghamdi and Zahrani tribes in Saudi Arabia, and the native tribes make up the majority of its population.

Forests, animal regions, valleys, and mountains draw visitors from all over the kingdom and the Persian Gulf region to the province, which is noted for its beauty. The forests of Raghdan, Ghomsan, Fayk, and Aljabal, as well as numerous other historical and archaeological monuments, are examples of these places. There are more than 53 forests in the area.

Al-Baha is the homeland of the Ghamid and Zahran tribes and is divided geographically into three distinct parts: Sarah, which contains the high Hijaz mountains characterized by temperate weather and rich plant cover due to relatively high annual rainfall, Tihamah, which is the lowland coastal area to the west of the Hejaz, characterized by very hot and humid weather and very little rainfall on average, and the eastern hills, which are characterized by an altitude of 1,550 to 1,900 meters

Baljurashi is the province's largest city in terms of population and size, followed by Al-Mandaq. There are two major cities in Tehama: Qilwah and Al-Mikhwah. There are 18 tribes that branch out of the two main ones, Ghamid and Zahran. There are 13 settled tribes (who work in trades and agriculture) and 5 nomadic tribes in the province.

Why Study in Saudi Arabia?

Many Saudi Arabian institutions already have a sizable international student population, as well as catering to the country's numerous expat families. Many institutions provide substantial scholarships to international students (in some cases, full tuition waivers), and the bulk of courses are taught in English. If you study in Saudi Arabia, you will have the opportunity to establish friends with both locals and international students. If you choose to work in Saudi Arabia after finishing your studies, you will probably certainly meet young professionals from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Universities in Al Baha

Al Baha university

In the fields of higher education, scientific research, and community service, the university strives for excellence and innovation. It is dedicated to providing opportunities for higher education, creating the right environment and climate for students' abilities to develop and personalities to crystallize, and providing distinguished education and scientific research that contribute to the development of a knowledge society through a stimulating academic environment and optimal resource allocation.

Al Baha university has set out on a road of continual improvement, guided by a set of values that include safety, accountability, transparency, quality, accomplishment acknowledgment, and teamwork.

The university has taken significant and deliberate steps to advance academic and administrative work with the goal of improving its operations and practices in the scientific, educational, and academic interests of students, which has resulted in Al Baha university receiving institutional accreditation and signing contracts with the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) for programme accreditation for several academic programs.


What is Al Baha known for?

The province of Al Baha is highly known for its high-quality honey production. The third International Honey Festival was held in 2010 by Al Baha farmers. In addition to locally produced honey, the festival featured ten Arab countries that manufacture honey.

How far is Al Baha from Jeddah?

The distance between Al Baha and Jeddah from Route 15 takes 4 hr 47 minutes (386.1 kilometres).