University of Prince Mugrin

  • Medina, Saudi Arabia
  • Private
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Enrollment Month: May
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University of Prince Mugrin (UPM) is a private university in Madinah with an inspiring educational philosophy that offers bachelor degree programs in Engineering, Business, and Computing.

University of Prince Mugrin seeks to know the requirements of the labour market and prepare students for these requirements. It always provides excellence in academic programs and leadership in training and consulting to nurture students' knowledge and skills by developing high-quality academic programs and employing distinguished competencies, in a sustainable and productive institutional environment.

The university UPM always aims to qualify youth to contribute to the development and building of society, as it seeks to develop the appropriate infrastructure for the educational and digital environment, build strategic partnerships with leading institutions locally and internationally, improve the quality of education and training, expand and diversify sources of income and financing, finally develop institutional performance Improve learning outcomes and graduate attributes.

Placement test

Once you are accepted into the university, you will be automatically transferred to take the OOPT test in English. The result of the placement test they enrol in the Preparatory Year English Language Program determines students who achieve the required placement test scores or achieve the required standardized test scores (IELTS or TOEFL) according to the rules set by the university in English that qualify them. For exemption from the ENGLISH PYP they will be allowed to take a mathematics placement test (MATH 001 placement test and if they pass MATH 002), students who pass the placement tests in English and Mathematics are allowed to take a placement test in Computer Science (Course Level PSC 001), and if they pass, they will be exempt from the Preparatory Year Program and can immediately transfer to the new student level. Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) scores are converted into levels in the UPM PYP English Language Program. It is linked to the Common European Framework (CEF). Oxford Placement Test scores online have been converted into levels in the UPM Preparatory Year English Program according to the Common European Framework (CEF) reference levels.

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