Umm Al-Qura University

  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia
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Enrollment Month: August
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Umm Al-Qura University is a large public Islamic university located in the city of Mecca. The university was established as the College of Islamic Law (Shariia) in 1949. Then it was renamed as "Umm Al-Qura" by royal decree in 1981, and joined by new colleges. Umm Al-Qura University started primarily as an Islamic university offering degrees in Islamic Law (Shariia) and Arabic language studies. Now, the university offers more courses in diverse subjects such as Islamic Economics, Business Management, Technology Management, Engineering, Marketing, Education, Medicine, Technology, Architecture, as well various Applied, Social and Engineering Sciences. The university's headquarters and colleges are distributed in three locations in Makkah: the main campus is located in Al-Aziziyyah, which includes the buildings of the general administration. The second campus includes the Deanship of University Studies for Girls and the buildings of its colleges. And the new third campus is situated in Al-Abdiyyah.

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