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Taibah University was established in 1424 AH, corresponding to 2003 CE. The university is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Medina / Al-Ameer Nayef bin Abdulaziz Road (Universities Road).
It is considered a comprehensive Saudi university committed to excellence in disseminating knowledge, producing it, serving the community, and advancing the ranks of advanced universities locally, regionally, and globally, and the university contributes to building a society that promotes sustainable development and knowledge economies through distinguished education, quality research and community partnership in an environment that stimulates learning and creativity.
The university started its first year with seven faculties and developed until in the academic year 1434-1435 AH, it included 28 colleges and one institute, 16 of which were at the main headquarters in Medina, and the rest were in six branches: Yanbu, Al-Ula, Al-Hanakia, Khaybar, Al-Mahd, Badr.
The number of scientific programs at the university is 89 programs, including 6 associate’s degree programs, 47 for bachelor’s degree, and 36 at the postgraduate level, and the number of scientific degrees awarded by the university is seven degrees: Associate - Bachelor - General Diploma - Higher Diploma - Master - Ph.D.

Academic Studies Offered

Education Engineering and technology Medicine
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