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Shaqra University is one of the newest Saudi universities, having been established by Royal Decree No. (7305 / MB dated 03/09/1430 e) from the keenness of the Kingdom Government and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques - may Allah bless him - to Renaissance in the field of public education, particularly university education.

During the Ninth Development Plan, the university looks forward to working with other universities to achieve overall objectives, such as the preparation and development of national human resources, the provision of qualified personnel and training in response to development and job market needs, and the enrichment of scientific research development of Graduate Studies to meet community and development needs.

The institution also hopes to extend its enrollment to include as many secondary school students as feasible and to offer a variety of educational programs. During the Ninth Plan, new scientific colleges will be established to meet the demand for competent national powers. Shaqra, Huraimla, Alquwaiya, Ad Dawadmi, Sajer, Dharma, Afif, Almuzahmya, Thadeq, and Almahmal are among the (21) colleges spread over many provinces and centers in Riyadh.


Shaqra University its vision is global leadership and excellence in higher education.


Shaqra University's objective is to provide distinguished education and produce creative research for higher education through the construction of a stimulating atmosphere for learning and intellectual creativity, optimal use of technology, and active local and international partnerships.

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