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Enrollment Month: July
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A public university that represents one of the higher education options. The SEU is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's only specialist university in distance education, offering graduate and undergraduate degree programs as well as life-long learning. The college of administration and finance sciences, the college of computer and informatics, and the college of health sciences are also part of the university. E-learning and distance education are examples of a world focused on information and communications technology.

It will grant academic degrees in programs and specializations that are consistent with labor market needs as well as growth and lifelong learning criteria, and it will help the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia create a knowledge-based economy and communicate the Kingdom's cultural message around the world. Flexibility, high-quality outputs, and responsiveness to labor market demands define this industry. modern information-related skills, with the use of a virtual world that is more in line with the needs of overall growth and the labor market.

collaboration with foreign organizations and faculty members, as well as presenting refined educational material from a variety of international sources and localizing it in a way that is suitable for Saudi society.

Academic Studies Offered

Computer science Information Systems
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