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Cabinet Resolution No. 33 dated 11/2/1426 AH clarified the approval of the General Authority for Civil Aviation Regulatory to be responsible for regulating the civil aviation industry in the Kingdom and for implementing standards and recommendations issued by international civil aviation. This included the decision that the authority's mission is to train human cadres and prepare them to work in the various civil aviation sectors, as well as the authority's responsibility to establish training institutes and centres to develop the workforce that promotes openness. The civil aviation policy has created an increasing need for technical services provided by the authority in the region and Saudi airports to maintain the safety and security of aviation.

Detailed plans were drawn up for several years to establish the Saudi academy for civil aviation to meet the expectations of those in charge of this facility in the country. Based on the detailed presentation of the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation that was presented at the meeting of directors of the General Authority of Civil Aviation held in Riyadh on November 22, 2007, the approval was issued by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. To establish the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation, followed by the creation of Resolution No. (3 T 32). ) dated 11/22/1428 AH by the Board of Directors of the General Civil Aviation Authority, crowned with the signature of His Highness the Crown Prince. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation, Inspector General and President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation - God bless you - by transferring the Air Navigation Technical Training Institute to the Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation.

The training programs

1- Aviation Security Training Center.

2- Air Traffic Control Training Center.

3- Firefighting and Rescue Training Center.

4- Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Training Center.

5- Airport Operations and Aviation Safety Training Center.

Academic Studies Offered

Aviation Training
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