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OxfordSaudia works to meet the need of the aviation sector in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for pilots trained in the latest educational methods. The program for obtaining a commercial aviation license is characterized by a distinctive and very unique curriculum designed specifically for OxfordSaudia Aviation Academy and according to the requirements of the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority. The Academy is also distinguished by the provision of the latest safety methods. All students at OxfordSaudia are trained on the latest European-made aircraft equipped with the latest safety systems.

OxfordSaudia provides efficiency and the highest quality in training

The period of time for obtaining a commercial aviation license ranges from two and a half to three years, during which the student obtains a commercial aviation license and Type Rating approved by the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority.

If the student wishes to get their license approved from outside the Kingdom, they shall be subject to the flight license equivalency exam according to the region they desire. 

The instructors at OxfordSaudia are men and women with experience and according to the Oxford curriculum for the qualification of highly experienced pilots in this field and in accordance with the regulations and laws of the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority.

Registration at OxfordSaudia

As for the conditions for initial admission to the Academy, the applicant's age should not be less than 17 years, not more than 35 years and they must have a high school diploma. It is not required to obtain any other certificate except for the secondary school certificate, and registration is available to all holders of secondary certificates and certificates Scientific BSc and Dr. The English language is not a must in the admission and registration stage, but it is required to reach the ICOA level 5 in order for the student to transfer from the preparatory stage to the CPL training. The Academy provides English courses to its students according to their level to match this requirement.

There are a number of hours of actual training required for graduation, and for which students are trained about 250 hours of training on single-engine and twin-engine Diamond aircraft.

OxfordSaudia accepts students of all nationalities, applicants are subject to a medical examination by a doctor from the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority, and the number of students who pass the examination is 90%, in which only public health and the ability of the student to perform the role of a pilot in the future is required.

Working hours and the number of study hours at OxfordSaudia are regular. There is a morning shift from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening, and there is also an evening shift for those who wish to do so.

After the initial acceptance and completion of the registration procedures, a date is set for a personal interview aimed at identifying the applicant’s personality, reasons for choosing the aviation field, and general information. You should attend a quarter of an hour before the interview to fill in some of the required data. And the student gets the final acceptance after passing the personal interview, and after obtaining the final acceptance, the pilots ’medical examination is scheduled for a doctor from the Saudi Aviation Authority

All teachers and trainers of OxfordSaudia speak English as their first language.

The preparatory year will be located in Dammam at King Fahd International Airport.

There is now a distance learning feature at the university due to the Corona pandemic.

The training aircraft types are European Diamond single-engine and twin-engine aircraft. They are considered the safest and best trainers.

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Saudi Aramco Aviation Rd, King Fahd International Airport, Dammam 32552, Saudi Arabia