Naif Arab University for Security

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Naif Arab University for Security Sciences is an Arab organization established in 1978 AD, with its headquarters in the capital, Riyadh. The university is interested in higher education, scientific research, and training in security fields. It began its scientific activity in 1980 in its quest to achieve the integration of Arab security efforts under the umbrella of the League of Arab States. The university is unique in its security field, in which efforts are devoted to ensuring that the Arab community enjoys security and safety, based on the fact that security is the main pillar for protecting development and civilizational gains and achieving a comprehensive renaissance.

Since Naif Arab University for Security Sciences was established in 1978, it has emerged to contribute to meeting the needs of institutions and security services in the ministries of interior, criminal justice, and social welfare agencies in the Arab countries with a scientific approach to become within years among the prestigious university institutions.

University vision

The university's mission is to advance security sciences in terms of thought and approach, in order to contribute to the development of the performance of security and criminal justice agencies and to develop strategies and address them in a scientific manner. The university's vision is also to achieve leadership in security sciences and strategic studies to reach a distinguished scientific level on the Arab and international levels.

University goals

  • Training and qualifying Arab security and professional cadres in the field of criminal justice and combating crime.
  • Rooting security sciences and introducing the provisions of Islamic legislation.
  • Enriching scientific research in the fields of security and strategic studies, and providing scientific advice.
  • Strengthening scientific and security cooperation with scientific institutions and international organizations.
  • Contribute to developing a sense of security to serve sustainable development issues.
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