Madinah College of Technology

  • Medina, Saudi Arabia
  • Government
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The Al-Madinah College of Technology was founded in 1998 as a governmental technical college in Madina, Saudi Arabia. Students are prepared for careers through technical and vocational training at the college. It is one of the technical colleges run by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), the kingdom's government-run training provider.

Madinah College of Technology is a famous and well-respected educational institution in Saudi Arabia, consistently ranking among the country's top 30 universities.

It was founded in 1417 AH with the goal of graduating technologically trained national cadres. In the morning and evening, the college awards diplomas and bachelor's degrees. The morning and evening diploma tracks each have five training classes, whereas the evening bachelor track has five training classes.

Electrical technology, mechanical technology, computer technology, and electronic technology are among the degree programs offered at this institute.

The Technical College in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah effectively contributes to economic, social, and environmental development by providing quality and adequate technical and vocational training for the country's sons and daughters, as well as achieving global leadership that ensures independence and self-sufficiency.

The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation aims to develop, deliver, and license technical and vocational training programs based on the quantitative and qualitative labor market demand for males and females, as well as the enactment and supervision of organizations concerned with their quality and adequacy. Raising community awareness of the need for technical and vocational education, as well as offering training opportunities for capable males and females of all ages.

Performing essential research and projects to keep up with technical developments and worldwide trends in technical and vocational education. Participate in government programs that promote technology transfer and localization, lend support to the private sector, and encourage it to invest in technical and vocational education.

Academic Studies Offered

Computer science Engineering and technology
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