Knowledge International University

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Private
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Enrollment Month: June
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Knowledge University is located in Riyadh and is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading private universities licensed by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. Knowledge University offers undergraduate programs in colleges specializing in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, respiratory care, emergency medical services, and information systems. The University of Knowledge allows students to study accredited and distinguished academic programs designed by local and international specialists at the highest level of competence and experience.

The University of Knowledge aims to contribute to society’s development and to the improvement of the scientific services received by Saudi students and residents, by adopting an innovative education method and using the latest educational technologies, thus simulating the most important goal of Saudi Vision 2030 regarding university education The university also aims to set up and implement sustainable programs for community service, attracting distinguished academic skills and highly qualified personnel, in addition to improving admission policies and procedures, student services and academic counseling.

Academic Studies Offered

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