King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Private
  • Campus
Enrollment Month: August
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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a non-profit private higher education institution located in the large town of Thuwal, Makkah. Founded in 2009, KAUST is the first mixed-gender university campus in Saudi Arabia. The university provides research and graduate training programs in English as the official language of instruction. In 2013, the university was among the 500 fastest growing research and citation records in the world. KAUST offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. Curiosity-driven and goal-oriented research is conducted by students, faculty, scientists, and engineers to address the world’s pressing scientific and technological challenges related to food, water, energy, and the environment.

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