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Jouf University is located in Skaka city, Al-Jouf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. Due to the historical and geographical importance of the region, Jouf University was established under a decree by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in 2005 to be a leading scientific, intellectual and cultural radiation in the region, and to be one of the most important pillars of the modern renaissance in the Kingdom. The university has many scientific and administrative colleges and various university facilities.

Jouf University contains many colleges:

  • The Faculty of Education
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy
  • The Faculty of Science
  • The Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences
  • The Faculty of Science and Literature.
  • The Community College of Qariyaat.
  • The Community College.
  • The Faculty of Dentistry
  • The Faculty of Shari'ah and Law
  • The Faculty of Medicine
  • The Faculty of Humanitarian and Administrative Sciences
  • The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences.
  • The Faculty of Engineering
  • The Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences
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