Institute of Public Administration

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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The Institute of Public Administration is a non-profit public institution located in Riyadh. The Institute of Public Administration was founded in 1961 to increase the efficiency of officials and educate them, preparing them to assume their responsibilities and use their competence to raise the level of management and support the basis of national economic development. In addition, the Institute contributes to the administrative organization of government departments, advises on administrative problems referred to it by ministries and government agencies, carries out administrative research, and strengthens cultural ties in the public administration field.

The institute offers courses and programs to obtain internationally recognized degrees such as bachelor's degrees in various fields, preparing graduates for future employment in the government sector. The institute also provides many academic and non-academic services to students including the library, as well as administrative services.

The Institute of Public Administration’s Goals 

  • Helping to create a strong generation that can develop government services.
  • Assisting in the development of internal government regulations.
  • Providing training courses to improve the efficiency of government employees.
  • Assisting government institutions in significantly increasing their human and financial resources.

Admission requirements to the Institute of Public Administration

  • The student must have Saudi citizenship.
  • The student must have a high school diploma with certain departments which are the Department of Natural Sciences, the Department of Sharia Sciences, and the Department of Social Sciences. Students of scientific institutes can also enroll in the Institute of Public Administration, but it is necessary to have a very good degree.
  • The student must be no older than 25 years old.
  • The student must pass some tests.
  • The student should be familiar with the specialization programs as well as the English language.
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