Inaya Medical College

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Private
  • Campus
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One of the top private health institutions in the Kingdom, Inaya Medical College, awards a bachelor's degree in health sciences to graduates. The college is also devoted to strictly enforcing all executive rules, administrative policies, and procedural guidelines issued by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom, as well as all rules and regulations specific to private colleges.

There is a critical shortage of qualified health professional cadres in the many health specialities with their varied branches and degrees in the Saudi labour market, which we cannot ignore. The National Inaya Medical College was therefore one of the most crucial ways that we were able to meet the market's demand for these human cadres, which worked to improve the calibre of medical services that the graduate would later give.

To keep up with the rapid advancement of that medical sector, the college's study plan is therefore dependent on the most recent technological advancements and scientific advancements that are widely known and accepted.

Academic Studies Offered

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