Batterjee Medical College

  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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BMC, based in Jeddah's North Obhur, was established in 2005. BMC features nine programmes in the medical and health sciences and can house up to 7,000 students. It hires faculty that are exceptionally qualified and is accredited by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission. Students at the Ministry of Health hospitals and the Saudi German Hospital Group can receive great training thanks to BMC.

The Preparatory Year Program's goal is to support the integrative process that helps recent high school graduates navigate the challenging college environment. The intellectual and social mobility of students has undergone a significant change this year as they go from the pre-college stage to the academic study stage, which necessitates effort, investigation, and innovation. As a result, Batterjee Medical College has given the Preparatory Year Program more focus in order to assist the growth of newcomers' scientific and personal skills and abilities as well as their decision to pursue the most suitable medical specialisation.

The curriculum is made to give students fundamental scientific concepts and subject-matter expertise in particular learning fields that are necessary for the BMC majors. The curriculum also aims to improve students' foundational knowledge of computer science, communication, and English. The Preparatory Year Program offers numerous extracurricular activities and opportunities for community service to aid students in developing fundamental life skills.

BMC wants to efficiently support neighbourhood services and support students in achieving their objectives. The financial support programmes it offers, which are regarded as the best in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, include full and partial scholarships.

Academic Studies Offered

Human physical performance Medicine
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