Al-Madinah Tourism and Hospitality College

  • Medina, Saudi Arabia
  • Government
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It is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's first public college specializing in tourism and hospitality. It is also regarded as an important hub for human resources rehabilitation in accordance with the latest international professional standards, to become a place for distinguished training in tourism and hotel management at the local and regional levels.

Tourism and Hospitality College in Madinah is one of the colleges affiliated with the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training, as it includes many specializations, including the Tourism and Hotels Department, General Studies Department, and Food and Beverage Department.

The university sets admission requirements, including that the applicant must be a Saudi. Non-Saudi Females can be accepted if they have a high school diploma, have a good attitude, and are committed to their studies.

Location: Prince Nayef Street, Al-Fath, Medina

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