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What’s Computer Science & What’re Computer Science Colleges in KSA?

June 24, 2021

In the recent period, computer science has become one of the most sought-after disciplines globally, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are developing every day, so computer science has flourished to keep pace with the technological development in the world. What’s computer science and what are the best computer science universities in Saudi Arabia, this is what we will learn about in this article.


What’s computer science and what are its majors?

Computer science is the study of processes that interact with data in the form of programs by using algorithms to process, store, and communicate digital information.

Computer science is a science specialized in the possibility of applying the knowledge that results from the computer and mathematics to all branches of knowledge, with the possibility of analyzing the problems and determining the requirements for solving them using the computer, with carrying out all the necessary designs, then implementing them and evaluating the system and all other operations and programs that are used, to facilitate work more effectively and achieve common goals for teams and groups.


Why major in computer science in Saudi Arabia?

Recently, students’ inquiries about the importance of studying computer science in Saudi Arabia and actually what’s computer science have increased. firstly, the Saudi market needs this specialization because of the technological development that Saudi Arabia is witnessing. Saudi Arabia has been very interested in this specialization and has become one of the most developed countries in it and has occupied a very advanced ranking among the Arab countries.


Computer science sections

Theoretical Computer Science

In which the student is introduced to the basics of computer science in a theoretical way through the study of formal languages, all computing theories, or algorithms, and the costing mechanism.

Practical Computer Science

This is the part of implementing the theoretical approach in computer science, specialized in studying the skills of translating visual languages, theories and algorithms, which then turn into a mutual application that is easy to use among people, and after that, it is easy to develop them every period to keep pace with the development of daily life.

Applied Computer Science

It is the science that is concerned with the multiple implementations of computers in various aspects of life, such as design, manufacturing using computers, in addition to the management of administrative and industrial systems.

Computer Engineering

It is the section that is concerned with the way computer equipment works, or what is also known as computer hardware, and the computer industry that depends on many aspects such as theoretical informatics engineering, physics, in addition to chemistry, and electronics.


How to choose the best computer science colleges in Saudi Arabia

Choosing a college is one of the most difficult decisions facing a high school student, as it determines the future of his work. It is one of the most important priorities that the student focuses on after the exams stage until he settles on the appropriate specialization for him and the college.

Some factors make you choose the College of Computer Science major and make it optimal:

  • You must read more about what’s computer science to be sure that it will suit your skills
  • The ranking of the College of Computer Science in Saudi Arabia is very advanced in the world
  • It provides the latest technology and focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects to qualify the student for the labour market.
  • The quality of the curricula adopted by Saudi universities throughout the study period, and their compatibility with modern scientific curricula.


We will recommend to you the best universities that provide the College of Computer Science in Saudi Arabia in terms of advanced curricula and services provided by the university to students such as auditoriums, research laboratories and halls.


Best university to study computer science in Saudi Arabia

Based on the previously mentioned factors and conditions that must be taken into account when choosing the best computer science universities in Saudi Arabia, we can now review with you a list of the best computer science universities in Saudi Arabia, which provides its students with all the factors that lead to success and excellence:


Prince Muqrin University

Ranked among the best computer science universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it provides a distinguished work environment and always seeks to develop to help students achieve permanent excellence. This university allows foreigners to study there and provides them with all services without discrimination.


Some reasons make Prince Muqrin one of the best universities in Saudi Arabia in this field, and they are:

  • The university’s adoption of the latest advanced educational curricula in teaching computer science.
  • The university achieves educational quality by appointing important educational cadres, as the education team holds recognized educational certificates, which provides a sound learning environment.
  • The university provides all the services that students need for a good study, whether computer labs that include the latest equipment, or auditoriums equipped to receive students, halls designated for rest, as well as scientific libraries.
  • Muqrin University is keen to qualify students cognitively by focusing on the theoretical aspects of the study, as well as practically through field training in companies and institutions for practical application and professional qualification for the labour market.
  • Its partnership with Pennsylvania State University makes the academic degrees it awards to graduates accredited locally and internationally.


Jeddah International College

A well-known name and a great value among Saudi universities, Jeddah International College is considered one of the most important colleges in the field of computer science because of its interest in graduating distinguished cadres of students to meet the market need in this field. It always strives to develop its curricula practically so that the student graduates capable of designing websites and programming applications by using efficient algorithmic programs.


Effat University

One of the universities that have paid great attention to the field of computer science, as it seeks to provide an advanced educational environment in terms of curricula and teaching team to graduate a distinguished batch capable of joining the labour market quickly and professionally. The university is characterized by being always in a state of development, as it always studies the market and the latest technology to develop its curricula to match this development.

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