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The best universities that offer nursing education in Saudi Arabia

October 18, 2021

Is studying nursing necessary? Of course, since nursing education is one of the popular fields nowadays, and the nursing profession is one of the necessary professions that is constantly required in the labor market, and it is easy to find many job opportunities after graduation. It is because the nurse is the one who helps and completes the doctor’s work and is primarily responsible for monitoring the patient during the treatment period and reporting the smallest information to the doctor.

In this article, we will cover everything a student needs to know before applying to nursing school.


Nursing Education Features 

Nursing is a profession that gives care to people of all ages or genders. When considering the reasons for studying nursing, we find that some advantages accrue to the student through the study of this specialty:

  • Nursing is suitable for both males and females and does not require a certain gender or characteristics.
  • Work as a team, and promote the cooperation and participation spirit among team members.
  • Ensure that people receive support regardless of their characteristics or age.
  • The nursing specialty is in high demand all over the world.
  • The opportunities of jobs, as we see that hospitals are in urgent need of large numbers of nursing.
  • Have a good chance to learn English.

How long does it take to learn nursing in Saudi Arabia?

The duration of studying nursing specialization is 4 basic academic years and an additional year of practical training.


Characteristics of a successful nurse

  • The ability to work under pressure.
  • Good behavior in emergencies.
  • Accuracy of observation and attention to detail.
  • Possessing some human and emotional qualities: including sincerity in dealing with the patient, the ability to complete tasks with high efficiency, and patience.
  • Commitment to working hours.
  • Personal hygiene and appearance.
  • Good communication skills and dealing with others.


Nursing Education in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, many specialties are essential, the most important of which is nursing, which is as important as the medical profession.

Choosing to study nursing in Saudi Arabia is one of the most important decisions you make, given the importance of this specialty in Saudi Arabia, which is taught in the Kingdom’s major universities.

Nursing education in Saudi Arabia began in 1948. Since then, nursing in Saudi Arabia has gone through several transformations, and the profession is still in its early phases, especially for women. The latest statistics by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia show that nurses represent 41% of the Ministry of Health workforce. Moreover, based on the current student capacity of nursing colleges, the expected number of nursing graduates during 2019-2027 is about 26,200, to meet the recommended ratio of one nurse for every 200 Saudi citizens.


Departments of Nursing Education

Many are asking about how many nursing departments. The student studies many specializations in the College of Nursing, including:

  • Clinical Nursing.
  • Mental health Nursing.
  • Maternal and Child Health Nursing.
  • Critical Care Nursing and Emergency.
  • Care of the elderly.
  • Intensive care.
  • Administrative Nursing.
  • Surgery, anesthesia, and recovery.
  • Surgical internal Nursing.


Jobs for nursing education in Saudi Arabia

As we mentioned before, the nursing field is in high demand in the job market, and the demand for it is constantly increasing. Hospitals and clinics are among the first and most important options available to graduates. Many job opportunities are awaiting a nursing graduate, including:

  • Work in health services.
  • First aid work.
  • Nursing specialist for both children and adults.
  • Physician Associate.


The best Nursing Universities in Saudi Arabia

According to the Ministry of Education statistics, 13 of the 39 nursing colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been affiliated with the private sector. The remaining colleges are affiliated with the government sector. In Saudi higher education institutions, there are about 17,085 students enrolled in nursing programs, with female students representing 76% of them. The Saudi government also offers international scholarships to Saudi citizens to study nursing. About 813 Saudi students are enrolled in nursing schools in various countries, especially in the United States of America and Australia.


Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University is a non-profit, civil institution that aims to contribute to the development of societies by developing qualified leaders and providing high-quality education, research, and services with multiple skills.

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University is located in the Bukayriyah Governorate, Al-Qassim region, Saudi Arabia.


Batterjee Medical College 

Batterjee College of Medical Sciences and Technology was founded in 2005, and it aspires to be a leading medical education and graduating qualified and distinguished specialists in all different medical educational fields, those with high values ​​and distinguished in the ability to provide medical human services according to the highest international standards that meet the health needs of hospitals and societies.

The college also aims to graduate specialized nurses who can provide comprehensive health care services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing distinguished education, research, and ethics of nursing practice in an integrated educational environment.

BMC has nine programs in medical and health sciences and accommodates up to 7,000 students. It’s accredited by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission and recruits highly qualified faculty members. It provides excellent training opportunities for students at the Ministry of Health hospitals and the Saudi German Hospital Group.

BMC is located in North Obhur in Jeddah. 


Saad College of Nursing and Health Sciences

SCNAHS Mission is to prepare female students to contribute to a global society and a diverse workforce as productive, responsible, and engaged leaders and well-educated healthcare professionals to meet the healthcare needs of the service region and beyond

Saad College of Nursing and Health Sciences is a private institution for females, striving to be a leading academic institution with the highest academic standards that promote self and professional development for health care providers.

Saad College is one of the colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that specializes in nursing education. It is a college affiliated with Saad Hospital, which was opened to meet the hospital’s need for Saudi nurses. Furthermore; The college grants its students several student scholarships that allow them to complete their master’s degree studies at the University of Ulster in the UK.

Saad College is located in Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Inaya Medical College 

It is one of the leading private health colleges in the Kingdom, offering a bachelor’s degree in health sciences. The college is committed to applying all private college rules and regulations, as well as the executive rules and administrative and technical procedures approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom.


Ibn Sina National College for medical studies 

Ibn Sina College of Medical Studies is the first private medical college of higher education, which was opened under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The college provides an appropriate scientific atmosphere for teaching in various medical fields, including Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Nursing. In addition to keeping up with international standards of education by using the latest curricula and the latest educational technology methods.

It is located in the southern part of the city of Jeddah near the coast of the Red Sea.


Fakeeh College of Medical Sciences 

Fakeeh College of Medical Sciences was established in 1424 AH, to provide the Kingdom with qualified Saudi cadres in the nursing and medical sciences fields, as well as to assist the implementation of Saudi Arabia’s concept and vision of developing effective professional health cadres. The number of college graduates until 1438/1439 AH reached 927.

Fakeeh College aims to prepare qualified graduates in medical and health fields by national educational standards, who can contribute to scientific research and community service.

Several postgraduate programs in Nursing and Medical Education have been developed within the last five years. The College has formed international partnerships with the Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland) and the University of Dundee (Medical College) to support its undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


**In the end, this was information about studying a nursing major in Saudi Arabia and its advantages. You can now apply to study nursing in Saudi Arabia through the KSA universities.

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