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Best Countries for Studying Abroad: Best 10 Countries for Saudis to study abroad

June 20, 2022

Studying abroad is a fantastic way to broaden your social, academic, and linguistic skills while also enhancing the depth of your educational experience. Studying abroad can enhance your university years and provide you with a competitive advantage when it comes to seeking work, as recruiters look for those who have actively sought out new experiences. If you’re thinking of doing all or part of your university studies abroad, have a look at this list of the best countries for studying abroad.


If you can picture yourself taking daily siestas, sipping sangria, and discovering endless coffee shops, then Spain might be the place for you, it is one of the best countries for studying abroad. In Madrid’s capital, there are numerous distinct markets and museums to keep you entertained. In bustling Barcelona, you may visit architectural marvels such as La Sagrada Familia and learn about Catalan culture.

Take a train to the north to learn about Basque culture, including surfing in San Sebastián and hikers on the famed Camino de Santiago. Andalucia, in the south, has a long tradition of Flamenco music and Moorish influence. Granada, Sevilla, Málaga, and Cádiz are all great places to visit. That’s not to mention the welcoming people and vibrant social scene found across the country! Studying abroad in Spain is a really unique experience, with universities dating back to 1218 and diverse cultures.


Argentina is one of the best Best Countries for Studying Abroad. International students must pay a small enrolment fee, although outside of private universities, the fees are still inexpensive. The University of Belgrano, located just outside of downtown Buenos Aires and with excellent global links, deserves special consideration. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your Spanish and even learn to tango while in Argentina.


Believe it or not, France is one of the best countries for studying abroad. Romantic On lists of the greatest cities for students, Paris usually ranks first. Although the busy nightlife, booming cultural scene, and the prospect of long walks down the left bank of the Seine are undoubtedly part of the rationale, the near-nil tuition rates also play a role. While most undergraduate courses are taught in French, graduate programmes are frequently offered in English. Attend training in the ‘language of love’ to brush up on your French.


You may be eligible at no cost for university tuition in Denmark if you’re from the EU/EEA or Switzerland. If you decide to pursue a PhD, you’ll even study while working because this higher degree of education is completely subsidised. Although the price of living is definitely high, Denmark may be a wonderful base from which to explore Europe and revel in the simplest of Nordic culture.

United Kingdom

Although costs vary by institution and can be rather pricey, it is worthwhile to look for scholarship opportunities in the United Kingdom. Students frequently work to supplement their studies, and flexible work schedules to accommodate academic timetables are not uncommon. Students in the United Kingdom will never be bored thanks to the melting pot of cultures and a variety of settings ranging from cutting-edge metropolis to tranquil rural idyll.


Look no further if you’re looking for natural splendour. Switzerland is recognised for its breathtaking scenery, with sights so lovely it’s difficult to believe they’re real. Hiking routes abound throughout the country, leading to panoramic views of lakes, woods, and beautiful mountains. If you enjoy skiing, this is the place for you! Apart from Swiss cheese, chocolate, watches, and knives, the Swiss Alps are perhaps the most well-known feature of the country, providing breathtaking views and mountain sports options. The cities will astound you as well.

Take in the cosmopolitan cities of Zurich and Geneva, hang gliding over Interlaken, or wander through Bern’s mediaeval Old Town. Switzerland is the ideal spot to satiate your inner adventurer, thanks to its multicultural population and easy access to travel in the heart of Europe. On your strolls across the city, you’ll be delighted to hear Swiss-French, Swiss-Italian, Swiss-German, and possibly even Romansh.

United States

The number of universities within us is staggering. Whatever you study here, you may have the chance to contribute to your life experience, from internationally known league universities to hubs of innovation and cutting-edge thought. Every year, over 750000 international students attend a university within the u.s., and despite the high cost of living, students in both Boston and the port of entry consider them to be among the simplest student towns in the world. Switching between institutions within us isn’t uncommon if you join up to review so decide you would like a change of scenery.


Germany, as one of Europe’s economic powerhouses, has a lot more to offer than Oktoberfest. It is also one of the most well-known European destinations for free (or nearly free) university tuition, which may explain why it has the biggest number of international students outside of anglophone countries (the UK, US, and Australia). Attend an internationally ranked institution without breaking the bank in Munich, or join the burgeoning digital cluster in Berlin to immerse yourself in the German take on hipster culture.


Recently, Toronto was named the most desirable city for students, one of three Canadian cities to crack the top 15. It’s no surprise that 6.5% of post-secondary students in Canada are international students. Canada, with its vibrant culture, breathtaking natural environment, and vast regional diversity, offers enough to see and do for visiting students, as well as several internationally renowned universities.


With sandy beaches, year-round weather, and a soothing outdoors lifestyle, Australia is one of the world’s hottest destinations for international students. Universities in Australia welcome international students and are well equipped to help newcomers. Given its tiny population, Australia boasts a very high number of institutions within the top hundred for university academic rankings, making it the perfect location for sun, sand, and academic achievement.

Studying abroad, no matter where you go is about more than the academic credentials you might earn. It’s a terrific selling point to demonstrate your curiosity, organisational abilities, and desire to create a study abroad programme. Whether you’re leaving for the duration of your university programme, a semester or two, or simply to study over the summer vacation, you’ll be accumulating a wealth of skills and experiences that will put you ahead of the pack when it comes to finding graduate jobs. Consider combining studies and travel to broaden your horizons by immersing yourself in a new culture. It’ll be a wise decision.

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