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Artificial Intelligence: Will the future in KSA be for artificial intelligence?

May 12, 2021

Artificial intelligence is the behavior and characteristics of computer programs, which make them simulate human mental skills and work patterns.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important branches of basic computer science that simulates the human mind in its operations, through machines and computer devices that have been elaborately manufactured and programmed to accommodate the surrounding environment and carry out the tasks of the human mind. The major focus is on computer science, mathematics, and data science.

It can also be defined as science and technology in the manufacture of intelligent machines receiving controls and data and starting to perform tasks according to experience gained, and now artificial intelligence is included in the various aspects and areas of life such as education, industry, medicine, engineering, and commerce.


Artificial Intelligence majors and fields

During the period of studying artificial intelligence in Saudi Arabia, the student will be able to study many academic subjects that aim to deepen the student’s knowledge and culture in the specialization, among the most prominent of these subjects are the following:

  • Robotics.
  • Social and ethical problems in computer technology.
  • Information extraction.
  • Algorithm Engineering.
  • Computerized Mathematics.
  • Intelligent patterns to distinguish patterns.
  • The technology of human-spoken languages.
  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Machine learning.
  • Distributed Computers.
  • Smart applications.
  • Data analysis.
  • Computerized Neuroscience.

Can you join the Artificial Intelligence major?

If you wish to study this field, ask yourself some questions and wait for the result.

  • Do you have enough analytical skills?
  • Do you have communication skills?
  • Are you ready to study a major in computer science?
  • Are you a patient and passionate person?
  • Are you a very observant and quick-witted person?
  • Are you good at handling tech gadgets?


*As for the conditions for joining the department and scientific skills, you should:

  • Learn English.
  • Have a good level in the cognitive sciences such as psychology and philosophy.
  • Have good computer skills and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Have the ability to manage graphs and statistics.


Artificial intelligence jobs


Choosing a major and the field of study is now determined by the labor market and the extent of the high demand for this degree. The artificial intelligence field is the future! … Once you graduate from this department, you will have many job opportunities, whether locally or internationally, including:

1- Data analysis

Work in the field of data analysis for institutions operating in the field such as consulting, research, and studies companies for research or commercial purposes.

2- Research institutions

Work for research institutions in areas such as developing artificial intelligence systems or developing machine learning.

3- New car companies

Working for new car development companies that are introducing an artificial intelligence system into their systems, such as systems for self-driving cars.

4- Robotics companies

Work for industrial companies specialized in developing robots and robotic electronic equipment equipped for industrial, commercial, and scientific uses, and robotic arms for production lines.

5- Artificial intelligence development companies

Work for companies specialized in developing artificial intelligence systems, such as industrial companies, programming companies, or marketing research.

6- Information technology companies

Work in companies that specialize in all areas of information technology such as computing and data mining.

7- Centers and institutes

Work for centers and institutes specialized in giving rotations and training in the fields of programming or artificial intelligence.

8- Teaching

Work for schools and universities in the fields of supervising computer laboratories and teaching computer subjects.

9- Programming companies

Work in the field of designing and writing software for all sectors such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and banks.

10- General areas

Work in the functional areas that require a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, such as some coordination and supervision jobs.


Artificial Intelligence specialization in Saudi Arabia

The world’s universities offer advanced academic programs in new disciplines that have become essential now in our practical life. With the continued implementation of the comprehensive development plan in Saudi Arabia and its 2030 vision, investing in artificial intelligence has become one of the most important goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its various institutions and sectors, particularly the education sector, and the focus is on introducing new fields of study that are required in the labor market, the most important of which is the specialty of this field.


Artificial Intelligence universities in Saudi Arabia

Many people especially high school graduates were questioned about studying artificial intelligence in Saudi Arabia. This field in Saudi Arabia has great attention although it is still new, with the technological developments taking place in the world, the need to study the field in Saudi schools and universities have been needed. These are some of the Artificial Intelligence universities in Saudi Arabia:


University of Prince Mugrin

Prince Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz University is one of the leading universities in teaching artificial intelligence in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The university’s bachelor of this field program is specially designed to keep pace with current and rapid artificial intelligence development. This program aims to qualify practitioners and innovators in the same field who can meet the increasing demand of the local and international labor market, which means that the university provides a local program with international standards. To this end, it cooperates with the best international research institutes in this field. The university is also interested in providing an excellent educational environment for learners in terms of curricula, advanced references, research services, and distinguished computer labs for practically training students.

It is being studied at Prince Muqrin University under the supervision of a group of the best teachers and professors specializing in this field, and many trained and qualified cadres have been graduated for the needs and requirements of the labor market.


Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University

Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University has created many specialized programs for the bachelor’s and diploma programs in 10 colleges, as part of its programs for the academic year 1442 AH, to open new fields that keep pace with the labor market needs. The College of Computer and Information Sciences is represented by the newly developed programs offering 3 specialized programs in artificial intelligence sciences, data science and analysis, and cybersecurity. The university also participates in many competitions and organizes courses in this field to introduce students to artificial intelligence, and its uses, and familiarize them with the trends of the technological and modern future.


** Finally, it must be pointed out that artificial intelligence is not supposed to replace innate or natural intelligence. The goal is not to replace or completely dispense with the teacher in the classroom, but to ensure that the human mind works side by side with the artificial mind in an elaborate combination.

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