Economics College in KSA

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King Saud University

  • Government
  • Campus
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Umm Al-Qura University

  • Government
  • Campus
  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Taif University

  • Government
  • Campus
  • Taif, Saudi Arabia

Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

  • Government
  • Campus
  • Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Shaqra University

  • Government
  • Campus
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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What is the Economics College?

Economics college is one of the majors in high demand in Saudi Arabia and all over the world, as it has no alternative. Economics is a science that studies goods and services, as well as the impacts of economic conditions and markets. It is a specialty related to a country's economic growth.

Features of the Economics College

Admission requirements for economics universities in Saudi Arabia

Personal characteristics of an Economics student

There are some characteristics and skills that an economics student must have:

Jobs for Economics majors

As we mentioned that economics is one of the most important disciplines in the world, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to its huge economic projects, in addition to the Kingdom's vision 2030, which urges diversifying the Kingdom's economic sources; You can find many job opportunities in the Saudi labor market, whether in the government or private sectors. Among the most important economic professions in Saudi Arabia are

Places where economics graduates work in Saudi Arabia

Master's degree in Economics universities in Saudi Arabia

There are many master's degree programs offered by economics faculties, the most important of which are:

Top Economics universities in Saudi Arabia

King Saud University - College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration at King Saud University was established in 1979, and it is considered the Kingdom’s first college specialized in studying business administration. Bachelor’s degree is awarded in Economics and also the university awards Master’s and Doctorate degrees in this field.

King Abdulaziz University - College of Economics and Administration

King Abdulaziz University is one of the largest and oldest universities in KSA, which has an accredited economics major both locally and internationally. Economics studies at King Abdulaziz University began in 1967, the same year the university was founded.

King Faisal University - College of Business Administration

The Department of Economics is one of the most important majors of the College of Business Administration at King Faisal University, where the college awards a Bachelor’s degree in Economics as well as a Master's degree in Applied Energy Economics.

Princess Noura University - College of Administration and Business

Princess Nourah University is one of the first specialized universities for females in Saudi Arabia. The University’s College of Business Administration includes the Department of Economics for females who want to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the department of economics.


Is economics a good major?

Yes, because economics majors are in high demand, and the Arab labor market requires graduates from economics and business and administration majors.

How many years does it take to study economics in Saudi Arabia?

Economics studies usually take four years, it may be less or more depending on the number of hours the student takes.